Research & Development (R&D)

Research and Development is an integral part of Ambitions Training School’s system. We are currently looking to develop the ‘Expansive Education’ project with our strategic partners.

Welcome to Expansive Education

Expansive Education is an approach to teaching and learning that develops life-long learners. Central to this practice is as ongoing CPD for teachers to develop positive attributes in learners, preparing individuals to meet the challenges of life and work.

Expansive Education offers:

  • Radical thinking about the purpose of schools, underpinned by latest literature from the learning sciences
  • A critical exploration of what works in practice and an analysis of pioneering concepts that support dispositional approaches to learning
  • A scaffolding framework that assists teachers in consistently choosing those methods most likely to create expansive learning environments
  • A powerful manifesto for individual schools, clusters of schools, districts and national systems to articulate a different vision of education and a means of tracking real progress.

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