Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)


Nicki MortonNicki Morton

Nicki is the Director of Special Education at Ambitions Academies Trust.

She has over 15 years of leadership experience within special school settings. She has worked extensively with children who have a range of learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

As Director she leads whole school initiatives to secure high quality teaching and learning which is inclusive of all pupil needs. Nicki has worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher and supported schools with assessment below National Curriculum level 1. She has led CPD on a wide range of subjects and can support schools with a wide range of leadership and management issues.


Leigh Bailey-PearceLeigh Bailey-Pearce
Leigh is Principal at Tregonwell Academy, leading one of three sites (Petersfield Campus). He leads behaviour across the academy and works collaboratively with other schools within the multi-academy trust. He has experience of leading and teaching in a highly challenging environment, teaching pupils across KS 1-4 with complex, challenging behaviour driven by a range of emotional and social difficulties. He is a trained coach, supporting teachers, teams and leaders in developing effective whole school behaviour approaches, but also seeking solutions to behavioural challenges of individuals or groups of pupils.


Sharon BurtSharon Burt
Sharon is Principal at Longspee Academy, part of the Ambitions Academies Trust. She leads SEN, safeguarding/child protection, networks and partnerships. Her areas of expertise are in behaviour and safety. She supports other schools with improving the safeguarding of learners, policy and practice, strategies to develop emotional intelligence in learners, understanding learners’ needs and promoting behaviour for learning. She works with ITT school direct on Positive Behaviour Management strategies.


Sarah SimmonsSarah Simmons
Sarah Simmons is Principal at Queen’s Park Academy, part of the Ambitions Academies Trust and lead for Ambitions Training School. As a result of her passion for data and the use of it to drive sustainable school improvement, Queen’s Park Academy has made rapid improvements and was ranked 1st in Bournemouth in 2015. She has developed a culture of accountability across all levels within the school. She leads CPD training on the use of data to increase achievement, teaching and learning and subject specific training for Phonics and other Literacy and Maths areas. Being an outstanding teacher herself, she has used coaching and mentoring effectively to move teaching across the school to outstanding.