Ambitions Training School are passionate in their belief that all children deserve an outstanding education and all teachers deserve outstanding professional development and executive leadership coaching.

Ambitions Academies Trust (AAT) has at its heart the drive for excellence which is under-pinned by high expectations.

The Ambitions Academies Trust comprises schools from all sectors: mainstream (primary and secondary) and special.

Ambitions Academies Trust has three key objectives:

  • Ensure all pupils and young peoples’ achievement is their very best.
  • Improving schools by outstanding leadership
  • Achieving “operational economies” across Ambitions Academies Trust in terms of “value for money” and organisational resilience.

All Ambitions Academies work on the principle that:

“…the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.”

Tregonwell Academy aims to ensure every pupil has the opportunity to achieve his or her best. We are extremely successful and we provide a personalised education which is always tailored to the individual needs of our pupils. We celebrate the successes of our pupils at every opportunity and are very proud of their achievements.

Longspee Academy believe in inspiring learners through high expectations. Longspee is a specialist Academy, inspiring learners through high expectations that are embedded into rich, relevant and supportive learning opportunities. Pupils experience valued relationships across the community and gain security from routine, structure and the development of lifelong learning. This is fundamental to our children’s well-being and future life success.

Queen’s Park Academy believe passionately in helping our pupils achieve their individual best. At the heart of all our work is our belief that: ‘High Expectations lead to High Achievers’. Our high expectations extend to all aspects of the Academy’s work: academic standards, behaviour, respect, kindness and courtesy.

We deliver a rich curriculum which provides opportunities for all our pupils to succeed. It is characterised by two themes: academic rigour and creative learning experiences so our pupils grow into independent, confident learners.

King’s Park Academy endeavour to secure outstanding achievement, high standards of social skills and the improved life chances of all their pupils and young people. We guarantee a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares our children and young people for modern Britain.

Manorside Academy believe that every child can succeed and make outstanding progress in their learning.  Every day their lessons are both challenging and exciting for the children.  They value each child as a unique individual and have an excellent team around the children which supports them to achieve their very best.

St Aldhelm’s Academy strives to be recognised as inspirational, aspiring to excellence in all that they do.  They strive to cherish and nurture each individual child as they seek to establish their own identity in a rapidly changing and challenging world.  St Aldhelm’s Academy aim to instil in their students a sense of self-worth, pride in achievement, and a self-confidence to make their own decisions.

Queen’s Park, King’s Park, Manorside and St Aldhelm’s Academies demand high expectations for all. In everything the academies do they always refer back to their mantra: ‘High Expectations lead to High Achievers’, which encapsulate the belief that the Academies must have outstanding teaching and achievement.